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Pet Insurance… but not as you know it

Here at Everypaw HQ we know that every pet is one of a kind, and every moment shared with your BFF is precious. Every squeeze. Every stroke. Every slobbery selfie.

So we’re on a mission to keep them happy, healthy and safe. Because if your buddy’s feeling on top of the world, it’s kind of contagious.

Petcall 24/7 - FREE with every policy

Whenever you are concerned about your pet, you can speak to a qualified Vet Nurse who will listen to your concerns and provide an immediate source of expert advice, any time of the day or night. Even if your pet is not ill, you can take advantage of Petcall's knowledge and expertise by using the helpline to seek guidance and information on many pet related issues.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Speak to a qualified Vet Nurse for expert advice, any time of the day or night.

FREE with every policy

Petcall is a service that is included in your policy.

Livechat or phone call services available

Veterinary nurses available to answer your queries on the phone and via Livechat.

With Petcall included with every pet insurance policy, all you need to do is choose a cover that is right for you.

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Everypaw cover types

Picking a pukka pet insurance policy

With the right pet cover, you get the treatment your buddy deserves - without ending up in the doghouse when the vet bill hits your inbox.

With two types of cover and our very own multi-pet discount, Everypaw has your back so you can enjoy life with your furry friend. Take a closer look and get your paws on the policy that’s right for you...

Once your pet suffers from a medical condition it can become very difficult to get another insurer to offer cover for that condition.

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  • Claim up to a maximum amount, which is reset each year
  • Top-notch cover for long-term conditions (e.g. arthritis and diabetes)
  • Also great for bumps, bruises, coughs and sneezes
5 star defaqto rated cover with Everypaw

applies to the top 2 levels of lifetime cover

Maximum Benefit

  • Claim up to a maximum cash benefit for a single condition.
  • No time limit on reaching that maximum cash benefit limit
  • Ideal for accidents, bumps, bruises and illnesses

Multipet discount

  • Insure two or more pets* to unlock our multi-pet bonus discount
  • Each year receive discount equal to one month's FREE on each policy you have with us
  • Perfect for when the whole crew needs protection

*When completing your policy application for your second pet, we’ll ask if you already have a policy with us. Click “Yes” (obvs) and we’ll take care of the rest!