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It is important that all the information provided by you is accurate and true to the best of your knowledge and belief. If any of this information is inaccurate or untrue your policy may be cancelled or treated as if it never existed, or your claim rejected or not fully paid.


Pet Details

If your dog is a specific breed please select that breed name from the dropdown list.
If your dog is a crossbreed (ie a cross between two breeds) please select the most prominent breed from crossbeeds listed in the drop down list.
If your dog is a mongrel (ie where three or more breeds apply) please select small, medium or large.
Sorry we do not insure this breed
Policy start date should be within the next 30 days
If you are unsure of your [pet_type]’s date of birth, please put the first of the month in which you think your pet was born, as your best guess.
This cover can be taken out for [pet_type]s over the age of 8 weeks old and up to their [max_age] birthday.
However, if you continue to renew your policy your [pet_type] will be insured for the duration of its life.
Your pet must be between 8 weeks and less than [max_age] years old at the point the policy starts to be considered insurable.
Please note that claims under the Loss through Theft and Straying and Finding your Pet sections of the cover will not be paid if your dog is not microchipped in accordance with the applicable microchipping legal requirements in force at the time of any claim.
We’re sorry but we cannot provide cover for working dogs
As you have answered Yes to the above question your dog cannot be covered for Third Party Liability. Your premium will be adjusted to reflect this.
We cover pets up to £10,000
Amount paid must be a numeric value in pounds and pence only.