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Fun birthday cake ideas for dogs and cats

Date updated: 07 05 2019

Inspired by the amateur bakers getting floury in The Great British Bake Off, Everypaw have put together a masterclass on pet-friendly cakes. Whether you’re treating your mog to an evening banquet or throwing a birthday bash for your favourite pup, these recipe ideas will make sure they have the most delicious day ever.

Birthday cake for dogs

 puppy with a treat

Whip up one of these dog cake recipes and your furry guests will be howling for joy. If you’re using a new flavour, just make sure to give your pup a taster ahead of the big day to make sure it hits the spot. Don’t forget to double check ingredients just in case there might be something they’re allergic to in there.

Dog-friendly foods to include

Cooked pumpkin is a delicious treat for canines and perfect for a dog-friendly cake recipe. It tastes new and exciting, and it’s packed with vitamins, calcium and iron too. Try making this pumpkin dog cake or these pumpkin and banana dog cupcakes.

Go nuts with peanut butter and add a sweet kick to your dog-friendly cake. Just make sure it doesn’t include Xylitol, an artificial sweetener. Check the label carefully as this is not good for your dog and will require a trip to the dreaded V-E-T which is no fun on your birthday. We love the look of this peanut butter and carrot cake and these Bow-Wow brownies.

For something more savoury, you could use cooked chicken, salmon, carrots and green beans in your cake mix - four flavoursome human foods which dogs love. The Omega 3 acids in salmon in particular will make the birthday boy or girl’s coat look sleek and glossy.

Foods to avoid

There are a number of foods which you should avoid giving to your dog, including:

  • Chocolate
  • Ice cream
  • Sugary sweets
  • Apple seeds
  • Grapes

View our list of 15 human foods you shouldn’t share with your dog here for more info.

If your pup does snaffle any of these forbidden items, take them down to your local vet as soon as you can for a check-up.

Once you’ve sorted the cake, check out our guide to throwing your dog a birthday party  for some more celebration inspiration.

Birthday cake for cats 

Cat treat

They might not be the biggest party animals, but we can guarantee that a delicious cat cake recipe will put a smile on their feline faces. Find out which ingredients will make them purr and try out some of our favourite recipes.

Cat-friendly foods to include

When it comes to impressing your mog, the fishier the better. So cooked salmon and fish oil are both great additions. Try making this easy cheesy tuna cake.

Other tasty ingredients which you can include are cooked chicken and spinach. Cooked pumpkin is another tasty option, full of vitamins and great for keeping your kitty’s digestion system healthy.

Garnish with a sprig of catnip for extra brownie points with your fluffball. This herb is a natural mood booster for cats and the perfect treat on their special day.

Foods to avoid

Avoid these human foods when making your cat-friendly cake - nobody wants an upset tummy on their birthday. If your cat eats any of these foods, book an appointment with your local vet straight away:

  • Alcohol
  • Chocolate
  • Caffeine
  • Dairy (some cats can become lactose intolerant when they’re adults)
  • Raw meat and fish
  • Tinned tuna
  • Grapes
  • Onions

Dig out your whisk, put on your apron and give your four-legged friend a delicious birthday surprise this year.