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10 of the best apps for you & your buddy

Date updated: 17 11 2017

What’s the best thing about the Internet? Funny cat compilation vids, obviously. Ok - so what’s the second best thing? Apps that can make you and your buddy’s lives even more fun...

So take a moment to scroll through our top ten faves. Whether it’s finding a doggy date or working on your human-to-cat translations, there’s an app for that…


iOS Android Free

The lowdown… Tinder for you and your dog (because it was only a matter of time until this came along…)

It’s basically double dating with your bff. Have a solo pic of your pooch as the profile if you want... just don’t be getting jealous when they get a lot more swipe rights that the pic of you both together. This one’s hard to explain, best to just download and see what happens…

Pet Life

iOS Android Free

The lowdown… From booster shots to keeping fleas at bay, this is a one-stop-shop for helping you to keep your buddy healthy

Courtesy of parasite-prevention specialists, Jungle For Pets, this super handy organiser is perfect if you’ve got more than one pet to take care of - and lots of ‘vet stuff’ going on all at once. Set custom reminders, and get tips and advice for keeping nasties well away.


iOS Android Free

 The lowdown… Get to know your dog a little better

Pawslikeme matches dogs who need a home with potential new owners, based on personality compatibility. Now, thanks to the new pet lifestyle app, all dog owners can get to know their buddy’s personality a little better. It’s all about gaining insight on what makes them tick!

Dog Spot Beach Guide

iOS Free

The lowdown… The UK’s dog-friendly beaches at your fingertips

“No dogs allowed April-September”. Not all beaches are like this. Dog Spot Beach Guide shows you the ones where all members of the family are welcome. You can check the weather and plan the route, too. There’s even a section for sharing sandy selfies of you and your buddy at your beach - ice creams all round!

Borrow My Doggy

iOS Service membership fees apply

The lowdown… Share the love and build a network of locals who can give you support when you need it.

There are loads of people who’d love to spend some time with a dog - whether it’s for a walk, playtime, or to find out about different breeds before buying their own. At the same time, dog owners need some help from time to time; for an overnight stay, or a walk while they’re at work. Borrow My Doggy brings together these groups. Genius!   

Motorola Scout 85

Website £58.99

The lowdown… What’s your moggy up to when you’re not there? Find out via hd streaming to your phone

Approved by the RSPCA, this device lets you see what’s happening at home and even say hello to your buddy using the two-way audio communication feature. You can control the tilt of the camera remotely through the app - and alerts are issued if the room gets too hot or cold. Leaving your buddy alone can be tough, but this makes it a little bit easier.

Pawshake petsitters

iOS Android Service fees apply

The lowdown… You need a petsitter, but not just anyone. This app aims to put you in touch with people who will treat your buddy like family.

Connect with local pet lovers offering their services. Check availability, meet and greet and book online. The app also makes it easy to get messages and pics from your sitter of choice so you can keep an eye on your buddy while you’re out.


iOS Android Free

The lowdown… bug catching game… for your cat

Is your moggy intrigued by your iPad? Try them out with this free bug-catching game, courtesy of Friskies.  

Daily Kitten

iOS Android Free

The lowdown… A modern-day Tamagotchi

So your little ones really love the idea of a pet. They get that a new family member means an awesome new playmate. But the whole “responsibility” thing can be much harder to grasp - and a virtual pet can be a useful trial experience for what’s involved. This game helps to show that there’s more to pet ownership than the occasional cuddle!

Human-to-Cat translator

iOS Android

The lowdown… Translate your speech into miaows!

If your best buddy’s playing hard to get, give this a go. The app claims to do audio analysis on your voice and produces tailored miaows according to your input. There’s also a ready-made soundboard of common cat calls. Maybe keep this one to the privacy of your own home…



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