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20 Christmas gift ideas for cat lovers

Date updated: 21 12 2017

Need a little inspiration for your Christmas shopping? If that special someone is a cat lover, then we can definitely help you out. From cat-inspired games to kitty treats and feline inspired homeware, here’s our roundup of Christmas gift ideas…

Cat and Dog Christmas

Fun and games

Cat Bingo
£19.95 John Lewis 

This is bingo for all the family with a cat-based educational twist. Beautifully illustrated, it contains cards featuring 64 of the world’s cat breeds. Spot them, mark them off your card and learn about each breed along the way. Purr-fect!

Cats v Dogs Chess Set
£295 Chess Baron

Let battle commence! As the price tag suggests, this isn’t just any old chess set. Chess Baron specialises in handmade, original chess piece design. Sculpted by Caroline McCatty (yep, really), this colourful, hand-painted set is full of quirky details.

Smart Cat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box
£19.99 Petplanet 

Two legs or four, we all love a challenge. Designed by an animal behaviourist, this toy box is all about stimulating and building up your cat’s problem-solving abilities. Their favourite toys are hidden inside - and it’s their job to get to them. Perfect for someone who owns a kitten or young cat, it provides a good mind and body workout.

A good read

Brain Games for Cats - Claire Arrowsmith
£7.99 RSPCA  

Everpaw has a lot of love for the RSPCA (we donate £2 to them https://www.everypaw.com/charity for every pet policy purchased). This Christmas, the charity is hoping to raise £10,000 to help cover food for all animals in its care over the festive period. Any gift purchased in its store will help with this. This book caught our eye; a handy guide to boosting your furry friend’s brain power through play. And while you’re at it, you can check out the RSPCA Christmas appeal here.

The Travelling Cat Chronicles - Hiro Arikawa
£8.99 Waterstones 

This life-affirming story of a feline road trip was a bestseller in Japan - and its recent English translation has picked up some great reviews - like this one in The Guardian. The book follows one man’s journey around Japan with Nana the street cat - an uplifting tale, perfect for chasing away the January blues. 

Total Cat Mojo - Jackson Galaxy
£8.48 Amazon  

If you know someone whose cat has a mischievous side then Jackson Galaxy - an expert in human-animal relationships - could have the answer. Presenter of US show My Cat From Hell, Galaxy is all about helping cats learn how to harness their mojo and chill. 

Festive treats…

Christmas Cracker for Cats
From £2.95 Lily’s Kitchen  

Don’t worry, we haven’t left kitty off the Christmas list. This cracker filled with turkey, chicken liver and cranberry is the perfect festive treat. And being Lily’s Kitchen, you can be sure it’s all totally natural.

Christmas Catnip Hamper
£15 Notonthehighstreet  

There’s more to this Christmas bundle than just catnip. Made by ecokitty, it includes a recycled winter cardboard playhouse, complete with two handcrafted organic catnip cat toys.

For the home…

Jolly Moggy Bamboo Cat Tower
£29.99. Very  

A hideaway, a scratcher, a bed on each level and even a feather catnip dangling toy: just what every cat could ask for from a new den. And it’s all housed in a stylish eco-fibre unit.

Cat Scratch Turntable
£14.99 Robert Dyas 

While it doesn’t actually play music, this gift provides the perfect scratchy surface for cats to sharpen their claws. More importantly, it gives you the chance to capture endless photos of your small furry DJ.

Cat Window Bed
£54.07 Fishpond   

Know a cat who loves staring out of the window? This floating perch bed can be set up in your buddy’s favourite lookout point, providing the perfect cosy spot for a snooze.

OWL Posh Cat Pouf
Around £100 Poezenrijk (Etsy)

This luxury cat bed is made in The Netherlands, stuffed with natural down, covered with linen fabric and lined with a genuine sheepskin rug. If only they made them in human sizes!

Cat-inspired homeware

Cat Wine Rack Holder
£13.35 Mooddecoshop (Etsy)

Do you know someone who is a fan of both wine and cats? Handmade from birchwood, this cat wine rack is a quirky addition to the kitchen worktop.

Personalised Crazy Cat Lady Mug
£12.50 Sophia Victoria Joy (Notonthehighstreet)

This is definitely a nickname we’d be proud to showcase to the world, and what better way than on a mug? Add the name of the cat lover in your life to this ceramic mug for a personal touch. 

Cartoon Cat Bookends
Around £46 Noah’s Cave 

Cute, unusual and available in a range of colours, these bookends will instantly brighten up any shelf.

Ginger Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers
£21.99 Hannah Turner 

There’s a lot of humour in Bristol-based Hannah Turner’s work - and her studio exports all over the world. Also available in grey tabby or black and white, these shakers come with cat-isfaction guaranteed!

Four cats lampshade
£46 Jiapetus 

Suitable for either a ceiling light or a table lamp, this medium sized lampshade features four tabby kittens and is made with a silkscreen print on laminated tissue.

Feng Shui Good Health Lucky Cat
£7 The Japanese Shop 

These characters are a familiar sight in the entrances of homes and businesses. Like any maneki neko (lucky cat), this cute little guy has his paw outstretched; something that’s believed to usher in happiness and prosperity. 

Cat Me Up Swatch Watch
£51 Swatch   

From Swatch’s Es War Einmal (Once Upon a Time) collection, this quirky model has a striped purple strap and a grinning Cheshire Cat face.

Cat Beanie
£20 John Lewis

With those big orange ears, pom-pom nose, sequin eyes and long whiskers, this ticks all the right boxes for a cat-themed beanie!


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