Why Every buddy deserves Everypaw…

Pet ownership comes packed with great moments - from slobbery wake-up calls to bouncy welcome-home dances and goodnight snuggles. You’ve got the good times covered.

And for all the not-so-great moments, that’s what we’re here for. So what benefits can we offer - and when might you and your buddy need them?

Here’s the low-down...

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Veterinary fees

Thanks to owners like you, the UK’s pet population is healthier and happier than ever. Did you know that the average lifespan of a dog is 11-13, and 15-17 years for cats? It’s all thanks to a little bit of science and a lot of TLC.

But let’s say you know your buddy’s problem is treatable - but you’re having sleepless nights over the vet bills. An Everypaw policy means you can afford to give your furry friend the care they deserve.

Included in every policy

  • A choice of lifetime or maximum benefit cover.
  • Cover for injury through accidents, illness and poisoning
  • Continued cover with Lifetime policies - even if your pet develops a long-term condition
  • If your buddy is insured with us dental treatment following an accident will be covered. If dental treatment is required to relieve pain or suffering this can be covered if you have been with us for more than 2 years.
  • Complementary treatment included (where recommended by your vet) eg hydrotherapy and chiropractic manipulation.

Third party liability

For dogs, Everypaw policies include third party liability and legal costs up to £2 million. So if you’re hit with a claim for personal injury or property damage, Everypaw has your back. Subject to acceptance.

Hospitalisation / boarding fees

You and your pet are inseparable: we get it. But let’s say you find yourself in hospital for more than two days. Who’s got your buddy’s back? A friend might be able to step in - but could be out of pocket. You might even have to resort to pet boarding til you’re back home again. No sweat: Everypaw can pay towards boarding fees or the costs associated with homecare by a friend or relative, so you can concentrate on getting well again.

Holiday cancellation

If your pet’s gone AWOL or needs lifesaving treatment, the last thing you’re thinking of is that pre-booked holiday. When your buddy’s in trouble, everything else gets put on hold. We know this better than anyone - and we’re happy to help out with the cost of cancelling your holiday.

Finding your pet

You’ve been staring at that catflap for way too long. It’s time to call out the search posse. If you spend money on advertising - and even a reward (within reason!), Everypaw can help.

Pets abroad

Not into ridin’ solo? If your buddy travels under The Pet Travel Scheme, you get 90 days of veterinary fees cover abroad

Death or loss

When it’s time to say goodbye, Everypaw can help you through it. In the event of death - or where, despite everything, your buddy can’t be found - Everypaw can refund the purchase price. We can’t bring them back - but we can show we’re thinking of you.

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