Financial support and information if you have been affected by Corona Virus (COVID-19)

We are here to help
If you have experienced or expect to experience financial difficulties as a result of Corona Virus (COVID-19) we are here to help you.

This page highlights the initiatives we are taking for our Policyholders. Further information is set out in our FAQ section This information will be updated during the COVID-19 period, so please check back regularly to see our updates.

Payment Deferral (Payment Refund)
Where Policyholders have been financially affected by COVID-19 we are enabling Policyholders to contact us to request a deferral of their premium payment.

Important Information
If you wish to apply for a Payment Deferral on more than one insurance policy that you have with us, you will need to apply for this for each policy. Please have the following information to hand when you contact us:
All Policy Numbers, Name, Email, Telephone number, Date of Birth, Post Code, End Date(s) of Policy, Pet Name.

Please note that you remain liable to pay your premium in full at the end of any refund period

Find out how to apply for Payment Deferral